Rayan Electro Pump Industries

Rayan Electro Pump Industries Company is the manufacturer of all types of submersible electro-pumps suitable for deep, semi-deep wells and seawater considering the necessary standards appropriate for varying environmental conditions in the agricultural, industrial and other sections.

Rayan Electro Pump Industries Company was established in 1983 and three decades of experience in this industry has led us to the production of electro motors ranging from 5.5 to 350 HP and pumps with pumping capacity ranging from 10 to 650 m³/h.

Top products of our company can be installed in wells containing sand, salt and aggressive water. For sea water we have special products in our production line.

We are TUV- Rheiland  ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

We are certified ISIRI mark by Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran for high quality of our products.

Great market demand for Rayan Electro Pump products reflects the company's emphasis on constant improvement and growth, reliability, performance as well as its remarkable reputation.

We believe customer satisfaction and faith is the award achieved through constant support and respect for customer opinion and providing various services ranging from unit selection through its installation.

 On 2000, Rayan, concluded a business contract with below foreign business associates, and offers the followings:

Calpeda: Calpeda is manufacturer of all types of centrifugal electro pumps. These products are supplied under Calpeda- Rayan brand.

Coverco: Coverco is manufacturer of mono phase submersible motors from 0.37 to 2.2 KW and three phase submersible motors from 0.37 to 7.5 KW with 4" external diameter.

B3 and B5 electro motors from 0.18 to 22 KW and 700, 900, 1450 and 2900 rpm are also other products of this company. These products are supplied under Coverco- Rayan brand


Luise: Luise is manufacturer of water filtration systems, special function booster pumps and pressure switches. These products are supplied under Luise- Rayan brand

Imera: Imera is manufacturer of 8 to 1000 liter, horizontal and vertical pressurized tanks with 10 and 16 bar working pressure.  It also manufactures tanks suitable for boilers. These products are supplied under IMERA- RAYAN brand

PM: PM is manufacturer of 0.37 to 3.7 KW mono phase submersible electro motors and 0.37 to 7.5 KW three phase submersible electro motors with 4" external diameter. It also manufactures suction end with 5" external diameter. These products are supplied under PM-RAYAN brand.

After reviewing the present catalogue, if any of the products meets your requirement then our sales department will be glad to provide you with more information.

We guarantee high quality of our products by offering ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance certificate and we guarantee the quality of our services in all processes.